Certifications & Testimonials

Certification Guidelines:
Students will complete the following certifications
  • Dental Assisting Certificate
  • CPR Certification – American Heart Association
  • Dental Radiation Safety Certification
  • DPA – Dental Practice Act Certification
  • Infection Control Certification

This course is designed to give the student basic entry-level information, skills and clinical practice in all areas relating to the field of dental assisting. The dental assistant is a valuable member of the dental health team who performs many essential duties in the dental office. These duties include preparing the patient for treatment, processing and mounting radiographs (analog); disinfection and sterilization procedures; and basic laboratory procedures. All instruction is geared to chairside assisting, providing patient care, and related duties with minimal training in front office administrative skills.

What our students are saying-

Kalexiz Servin, a 2022 graduate who was hired to work full time at the Dientes Dental Clinic one month before graduation, was just named "Employee of the Quarter". Upon receiving the news, she reached out to Debbie Martinez, the Santa Cruz COE Dental Assisting Instructor, to share the following message.

"Hey Ms. Martinez I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated having you as an instructor! I learned so much from you! Guess what? I won employee of the quarter! Thank you for not letting me give up when I had tough days during my internship!”

Congratulations to both Kalexiz and Debbie for their dedication to the program!

Additional Comments

“Thank you for teaching me so much! A girl at this office I am at, graduated from a San Jose program at the same time and she said I did way more than her for a first day. You definitely prepared us well. "

Kyle Roberts